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Fungki presents a new and revolutionary way to upgrade your health and happiness. A trusted destination for microdosing products, designed for your everyday lifestyle.

Microdosing Truffles

Fungki® Microdosing Truffles 'Mexicana’

Order 1 package if you would like to try out Fungki microdosing or if you want to reorder.

We recommend trying it out for at least 2 months using the Beginners Protocol, which is a good start for people who are going to microdose for the first time.


The term “microdosing” refers to the consumption of a small dose of psilocybin truffles to help improve your mood, creativity, energy levels and concentration.

The effects of such a dose will not be hallucinatory but mind-enhancing, making it a compelling yet safe way to boost your productivity and general state of mind.

Health benefits

Mind, life and mood booster

The list of ways microdosing truffles can enhance your life is endless. Please find some of the main benefits here.

  • Better Focus

  • Higher productivity

  • Higher energy levels

  • Improved sleep

  • A better mood

  • Decreased depression

  • More creativity

  • A more positive perspective


Beginners Protocol

3 x microdose packages

Advanced Protocol

5 x microdose packages

Expert Protocol

6 x microdose packages

Microdosing Truffles

6 x 1 gram / truffles


How to microdose

Get started

Microdosing is a tailored practice, this means that experience will teach you what dosage and interval suits your lifestyle best. The following overview of our dosage protocols can be used to help set the route for your journey.


So far, six different microdosing protocols are known. The most well known microdosing protocol is the “Fadiman Protocol“. The founder, James Fadiman clearly pointed out that this protocol is mainly to observe the effects of microdosing in the body. It can help you distinguish between days with a microdose and days without. There are several reasons why you might want to use a different schedule. All protocols require a minimum of 2 to 4 weeks rest after completing the 1 to 2 month process. This rest or reset is important to prevent tolerance and therefore to maintain the healing power of psychedelics.

The Beginners Protocol – or the Fadiman Protocol – is a good start for people who are microdosing for the first time. This protocol is based on a 3-day cycle for the next two months.

As you can see in the schedule below: On the first day, you microdose, followed by two days without microdosing; on the third day, you microdose again. Follow this routine for two months.

Try this microdosing protocol to determine if it is right for you and experience what microdosing can do for you. After two months, take a break for 2 to 4 weeks to let your system reset.

It’s important to find your dosage ’sweet spot’ since there is no set rule for microdosing. Your microdose ‘sweet spot’ refers to the dosage amount that gives you optimal benefits. As long as you haven’t found your ‘sweet spot’ yet, it’s better to avoid driving or operate vehicles and other equipment. Discover the sweet spot in microdosing in our blog. 

The Advanced protocol is a great protocol for people who have microdosed before and want to increase the benefits of microdosing.

As you can see in the schedule below, this protocol is based on a 2-day cycle for the next 2 months. The first day you microdose, the next day you don’t, then the third day you microdose again, the next day you don’t, follow this rhythm for two months.

Try this microdosing protocol to determine if it’s right for you and experience what microdosing can do for you. After 2 months, take 2 to 4 weeks of rest to let your system reset.

The Expert protocol is for those who are familiar with microdosing, know how the body and mind is reacting and want optimal results.

As you can see in the schedule above: microdose 4 days in a row then take three days rest and start over again for the next 2 months.


'It gives me more clarity, creativity, peace of mind and a compassionate mind. In a demanding world, it has given me a strong foundation to rely upon.'

Contance Scholten — Earth Today

'When I use Fungki (a dose every 2-3 days before my breakfast), I have more focus and feel less agitated.'

Karlijn Visser —

'Fungki has personally given me more inner peace, focus and energy. A great product to try if you are ready for a reset on multiple levels.'

Frederique Bicker — Psychologist

'I am more focused on my work - which means higher productivity. All the things I have to do during the day are a lot easier and more efficient.'

Kristie van Kemenade — Fuse Agency

'I was positively surprised at its effect on my entire day – in work, focus and creativity. I would recommend it to anyone.'

Suus De Brock