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My Fungki Diary

Written by

B. Jansen (Fungki user)

Initially, I had some doubts about microdosing. It was somewhat associated with tripping ‘shrooms’ for me, and being sensitive, I was afraid I wouldn’t function normally during its use. But soon, Stephanie reassured me. She advised starting with half a dose and increasing to a full dose after 2 weeks based on my height and weight (1.63m / 56kg). Great, I had a plan!

The Preparation

Still, I wanted to know what to expect. So, I listened to 2 podcasts on Spotify:

  • Microdosing with Psychedelics | with Joy Bouwmeester | S02E05
  • Microdosing Psilocybin with Dr. James Fadiman

Feeling well-prepared, I ordered the starter kit. On Wednesday, August 30th, my package arrived. In a discreet shipping box were 3 neatly packaged sets, each containing 6 truffle portions of 1 gram. A booklet with clear instructions and a handy schedule was included. I decided to follow the ‘1-day-on-2-days-off schedule.’

My Diary Week 1

Friday, September 1st
Today is my first day. I have a light breakfast with yogurt, fruit, nuts, tea, and then a cappuccino. At 08:30, I take my first half dose. Since 1 gram consists of various-sized small balls, determining half is a bit tricky. I opt for ‘a little less than half’ and discard the rest.

I decide to go outside immediately to connect with nature and walk the dog. After about 30 minutes, I feel a kind of glow emerging within me. I think, ‘this is it.’ I get a bit anxious, what if it intensifies? But I walk calmly, trying to focus on the trees and the wind around me. Once safely home, I sit at the bar with a cup of tea, gazing outside at a bush. I briefly wonder if I’m making the bush move or if it’s the wind, hahaha. Soon, I realize I shouldn’t seek such experiences and just relax and continue my day.

Later, I start working (I work from home as a designer), and I don’t notice anything unusual. In the evening, I feel like I was in a light haze during the day, but I only become aware of it in the evening.

Saturday, September 2nd
Today is the so-called Glowday, the day after use. I don’t feel very different yet. I’m at the hockey field with the kids, and friends ask how it went. They are curious but prefer to wait for my experience.

Week 2

Thursday, September 7th
Work has been hectic all week, and I didn’t want to microdose. I still have the notion that I’m not 100% sharp, and I need that focus right now. Instead of 2 days, I skipped 4 days. Today, I take a half dose again, going about my work without dwelling too much on it. The day flies by. A friend comes over, and it’s also the moment for a glass of cava. You shouldn’t mix it with alcohol, but since I’m on a half dose, I think it’s okay. It goes fine, but I notice the effects of my drink earlier and more quickly than usual.

Sunday, September 10th
It’s the weekend, so I can comfortably take a microdose today. I feel very relaxed, and I sense a reduction in minor irritations towards my loved ones, especially my husband, who sometimes bears the brunt of my mood swings. Since I’m in my mid-40s, I’m afraid of (pre-)menopause. I really think that’s the source of these mood swings.

Week 3

Thursday, September 14th
Okay, I’m not very disciplined with the 1-on-2-off schedule, but it works for me. I’ve had 3 days in between this time. I feel like I need it today because my mother is coming. She’s helping us with ironing.

A slight detour: I consider myself a loving mother, proud of my relationship with my husband, a good friend, but I’m not proud of my role as a daughter. I often take things out on my mother. I still hold grudges against her from the past, especially now that I’m a mother myself. Our thought processes are on completely different wavelengths, and it’s almost my life goal to karmically resolve this relationship. This is one of the reasons I wanted to use Fungki. I want to see if this can positively change our dynamic.

At the end of the day, I sit with my mother at the bar. I decide to pour us both a glass of cava. Without thinking, I start talking about my microdosing and why I’m doing it. For the first time, she listens attentively. When I say, ‘I really don’t like myself as a daughter,’ it strikes a chord with her. For the first time, we connect on a deeper level. It seems like she suddenly understands me, but she also acknowledges her own role in our dynamic. I cherish this moment at the bar. I can’t draw any other conclusion than that the truffles brought about this change.

Friday, September 15th
Glowday: maybe because it’s Friday or maybe because of yesterday’s breakthrough, but I feel free today. Free from inner hindrances. I am perfectly happy and find everyone incredibly kind. It’s a good day today.

Sunday, September 17th
I like this rhythm of Thursday and Sunday, so I’ll stick to it. It’s another pleasant day at home. The kids do their thing, and my husband and I chill around the house all day. We cook together, and there’s love in the air.

Week 4

Wednesday, September 20th
I take on the challenge and decide to go for a half dose despite being very busy with work. And I must say, it’s going well. No issues. In fact, I feel focused and sharp. I get a lot done today. I also notice that I can set boundaries better and, more importantly, nobody finds it strange. Totally awesome!

Saturday, September 23rd
Today is our daughter’s birthday, and she’s having a dinner with 12 friends at our place. I won’t (drink much), so I’ll go for it again today. I’m ready for the second box, but I’m not confident enough for a full dose, so I decide on ¾. It’s a wonderful day, preparing everything for the dinner so our daughter can enjoy her birthday. My husband and I cook together, serving appetizers, the main course, and the cake. Then, we leave the girls alone for a while and go for a drink with friends. I decide to stick to water because I already had 1.5 glasses of cava while cooking and took ¾ dose. So, I take it easy.

Week 5

Monday, September 25th
Feeling more experienced, I decide to leave only 1 day in between and go for a ½ dose. It works well. I’m doing great during work, have good focus, and don’t let energy leak into negativity.

Thursday, September 28th
I go for ¾ dose again. Meanwhile, my mother is very sweet to me. She sees that I’m very busy with work and keeps asking how she can help by staying longer, doing groceries, and cooking. I find her sweet.

Saturday, September 30th
In the Fungki booklet, they talk about finding the ‘sweet spot.’ I find it challenging. This means occasionally pushing your limits, but I’m not very confident about exceeding my limit. I feel safe with ¾. Nevertheless, I think I should go for it. Today, I take the full dose, minus the largest ball. And it’s fine. In the evening, I only have one glass of alcohol, which feels like two. Also fine.

Week 6

This week, I go for Tuesday and Friday. I want to try keeping those 2 days in between. I notice this week that I’m irritable. I’m about to get my period, and I really think my hormones are bothering me. I also wonder if the truffles are trying to make me realize something. My liver isn’t working optimally, and spiritually, there’s anger here. Am I perhaps letting go of that now?

Week 7

This week, I manage to use the truffles on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday, always 1 minus the largest ball. It becomes a kind of superstition. It seems like I’m more extreme in my emotions. I feel a lot of love for myself, but I’m quickly irritated with my surroundings. I don’t like this. I’m ashamed that I’m arguing with the kids (which I never do!) and my husband (which I do ;-)), and the love for my mother is far away. All in all, not a very good week. But I still think ‘something needs to come out’ and ‘this is not without reason.’ So, I persist.

Week 8

This week, I only do it twice, on Wednesday and Sunday. The tide in my mood is turning. I’m in a great flow. Business-wise, a lot falls into place this week. Exciting collaborations arise with clients that resonate perfectly. I feel like I’m in my element, and the most beautiful things come my way. This feels like synchronicity on steroids.

Week 9

The last dose from the last box. I take it on Wednesday, October 25th. Despite being extremely busy with work, I’m having the time of my life. The projects are fantastic! Many dreams that I ‘manifested’ during a girl trip with good friends have come true this month. Is this also because of the truffles? No idea, but I’m currently in a delightful place. Things are also improving between me and my mother. Still with ups and downs, but less intense, and I quickly get out of my irritation mode.

I want to do this again but with a full dose and every 2 days. Now, at least, I know my body can handle it, and I function well. Most importantly, whether it’s due to the truffles or not, significant changes have been set in motion in the past 2 months, and I’m very happy about that!