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What is microdosing

Unlock your brain power

The term “microdosing” refers to the consumption of a small dose of psilocybin truffles to help improve your mood, creativity, energy levels and concentration. The effects of such a dose will not be hallucinatory but mind-enhancing, making it a compelling yet safe way to boost your productivity and general state of mind. For more in-depth news and experiences, you can visit our blog.

Microdosing enhances neural connectivity by establishing new connections between the different parts of the brain. This process promotes the ability to solve problems and helps fight anxiety, depression and stress. Already curious to try? Go to our shop.

Health benefits

Mind, life and mood booster

The list of ways microdosing truffles can enhance your life is endless. Please find some of the main benefits here.

  • Better Focus

  • Higher productivity

  • Higher energy levels

  • Improved sleep

  • A better mood

  • Decreased depression

  • More creativity

  • A more positive perspective

How to use

Dosage protocols

Microdosing is a tailored practice; experience will teach you what dosage and interval suits your lifestyle best. The following overview of our dosage protocols can be used to determine the route for your journey.

The Beginners Protocol – or the Fadiman Protocol – is a good start for people who are microdosing for the first time. This protocol is based on a 3-day cycle for the next two months.

As you can see in the schedule below: On the first day, you microdose, followed by two days without microdosing; on the third day, you microdose again. Follow this routine for two months.

Try this microdosing protocol to determine if it is right for you and experience what microdosing can do for you. After two months, take a break for 2 to 4 weeks to let your system reset.

It’s important to find your dosage ’sweet spot’ since there is no set rule for microdosing. Your microdose ‘sweet spot’ refers to the dosage amount that gives you optimal benefits. As long as you haven’t found your ‘sweet spot’ yet, it’s better to avoid driving or operate vehicles and other equipment. Discover the sweet spot in microdosing in our blog. 

The Advanced protocol is an excellent one for people who have had microdosed before and want to increase the benefits of microdosing.

As you can see in the diagram below, this protocol is based on a 2-day cycle for the next two months. The first day you microdose, the next day, you don’t; then, the third day, you microdose again; the next day, you don’t. Follow this routine for two months.

Try this microdosing protocol to determine if it is right for you and experience what microdosing can do for you. After two months, take a break for 2 to 4 weeks to let your system reset.

The Expert protocol is for those familiar with microdosing, who know how the body and mind react and aim for optimal results.

As you can see in the diagram above: microdose for four days straight, then rest for three days and start again for the next two months.


Some things to note

The Psilocybe Mexicana truffle may be freely produced, traded and exported in the Netherlands. It may also be freely given to third parties in therapeutic sessions. It is a legal product in the Netherlands as long as it has not undergone any “active processing”. This legal status of the psychoactive truffle in the Netherlands has allowed our Farm to accumulate years of experience in growing high-quality psychoactive truffles, which are also suitable for the therapeutic application of microdosing. Before you consider ingesting or microdosing any type of psychedelic substance, research its legal status online for your locality. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Answers to your questions

We are proud to say that our truffles are cultivated in the Netherlands! Our carefully chosen growers focus on creating the highest quality and most consistent production of truffles, putting product quality and safety first. Our growers cooperate with scientific research institutes and use advanced techniques to improve the growth and quality of the truffles. Click here to read more!

If the truffles are still in their original, sealed packaging, you can keep them for up to two months. However, once they are removed from the packaging, it is important to store them properly to preserve their quality and shelf life. This means storing them in a dry and cold place, keeping them safe to consume for about two weeks.

In the Netherlands, selling and microdosing Psilocybin-containing truffles is 100% legal. The reason is that truffles are different from mushrooms (shrooms) and do not appear on the official list of controlled substances in the Opium Act.

The microdosing product introduced by Fungki® is legal and freely marketable in the Netherlands. According to European Union guidelines, the product belongs to the category of food and/or food supplements.

The truffle is freely exportable from the Netherlands. However, each country within the EU has its own rules and regulations. In the country where the product is imported, the status of this product will have to be rechecked, as the product’s legal status may differ from country to country. The product is not under the control of the Convention on Psychotropic Substances, as described, which means that member states are not obliged to criminalise it. However, member states are free to ban this product in their national legislation and prohibit its importation.

The Microdose truffles used by Fungki® are the result of a years-long breeding process of sclerotia, which is the plural of sclerotium.

A sclerotium is a compact mass of hardened fungal mycelium. The exterior of the sclerotium sometimes has a membranous layer that prevents dehydration. When the environment is favourable, fruiting bodies such as mushrooms can develop.

Sclerotium is rich in fat and polysaccharides. Fungki® Microdosing contains the substances psilocybin and psilocin, as well as other nutrients, in addition to fats and polysaccharides, in low doses. They are grown for the optimum size, perfectly suitable for microdosing. The sclerotium is rich in fat and polysaccharides. In addition to fats and polysaccharides, Fungki Microdosing also contains the substances psilocybin and psilocin and other nutrients in a low dose. They have been bred to the optimum size that is perfect for microdosing.

  • Energy 464.7 kJ
  • Energy 110.5 kcal
  • Carbohydrates 13.2 grams
  • Protein 5.3 grams
  • Fat 0.4 grams
  • Dietary fibre 16.7 grams
  • Salt (NaCl) 0.3 grams
  • Vitamin D 10.0 IU
  • Sodium (Na) 13.6 grams
  • Phosphorus (P) 169.3 mg
  • Potassium (K) 210.0 mg
  • Calcium (Ca) 12.5 mg
  • Iron (F) 0.7 mg

It is not recommended to microdose psychedelic substances during pregnancy. There is insufficient research on the effects of these substances on foetal development, so it is best to refrain from doing so to avoid potential risks. It is essential always to follow a doctor’s advice if you are pregnant or in the process of conceiving a child.


Fungki Microdosing is a tool, not a panacea. Take your time to find out how microdosing works for you. Keep track of your progress in a diary or microdose tracking app; that way, you can better track your experience. Don’t dismiss possible adverse effects such as fatigue or nausea. If you do experience nausea, some ginger tea may provide relief. If you feel you are no longer experiencing the desired effects, you may have built up a tolerance. Give yourself a little break and continue microdosing when you feel ready. Dealing with changes in your awareness and sensitivity can sometimes feel overwhelming. Some people may experience feelings of irritability, while others are more relaxed. This is all normal. At Fungki, we advise you to take a break from microdosing after 8-10 weeks. This gives your body a chance to reset. Continue your dosing as soon as you feel ready. Microdosing is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment, nor is the information provided here. Please consult your doctor or other qualified healthcare professionals for questions about medical conditions.